About the Program
About The Program

Welcome to Change the Conversation, a national education program on impaired driving in Canada. This program was created by a partnership between the Traffic Injury Research Foundation, arrive alive DRIVE SOBER and the Student Life Education Company. Its goal is to share the facts about impaired driving with the public and interested professionals. This website contains information about:

  • the magnitude and characteristics of the impaired driving problem across Canada;
  • criminal and administrative laws relating to impaired driving;
  • effective programs and policies to reduce impaired driving; and,
  • the impaired driving system to deal with drunk drivers.

This website was designed as an information resource that communities, educators and parents can rely upon to raise awareness about the problem and how it can be addressed. It provides access to fact sheets, posters/brochures and other resources that agencies can use to target the problem and promote solutions.

Test your knowledge on Facebook and find out what Canadians think about impaired driving and what they are doing to prevent it.

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