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Traffic Injury Research Foundation

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) develops and shares the knowledge that saves - preventing injuries and loss of life on the roads, reducing related social, health and insurance costs, and safeguarding productivity. We are the Canadian source for international research related to the human causes and effects of road crashes, providing objective and scientific information to support the development, implementation and evaluation of road safety programs, effective advocacy and consultation.

TIRF is Canada's road safety research institute. It is a world leader in research, program and policy development, evaluation, and knowledge transfer focusing on the road user and behaviours that result in driver error and account for 80% of road crashes.

TIRF's mission to reduce deaths and injuries resulting from road crashes is achieved by designing, implementing, evaluating and promoting evidence-based strategies.

Website: www.tirf.ca

arrive alive DRIVE SOBER

Arrive alive DRIVE SOBER®, in collaboration with key stakeholders and community partners, identifies, implements and supports effective initiatives to eradicate impaired driving in the Province of Ontario. Its mission is to provide leadership and programs to eliminate impaired driving in Ontario and enable people and communities to share resources and information that will prevent injuries and save lives. This organization is an important source of information for frontline professionals (e.g., police and health care workers) and other community organizations concerned about impaired driving. The goals of arrive alive DRIVE SOBER include providing dynamic and innovative programs to address the anti-impaired driving movement, providing a forum for people and communities to share resources and information and building strategic alliances to reduce the incidence of impaired driving in Ontario. It also works to create environments that support impaired driving legislation.

Website: http://www.arrivealive.org/

Student Life Education Company
(no longer active)

The Student Life Education Company is a registered charity established in 1986. It is the only national organization dedicated to alcohol awareness and other health issues education of Canadian students nationwide.

The mission of The Student Life Education Company is to be the leader in the promotion of healthy decisions on the use or non-use of alcohol and other health issues. It does this by increasing awareness, challenging unhealthy attitudes and by providing students and student advisors with resources, training and educational materials. Student Life saves the lives of Canadian students.



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