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Facts about Drinking and Driving

There is more than 40 years of alcohol research that is the foundation for our current knowledge of impaired driving. Much of this research spans a range of disciplines including transportation, health and medicine, psychology, sociology, criminal justice and epidemiology. It exists in the form of journal articles, technical reports, research studies, government and institutional documents and books. Some of these documents are more accessible than others, and many are housed within a broad range of organizations across many jurisdictions.

This can make it challenging for the public to learn about the impaired driving issue and find answers to important questions. Similarly, it can be difficult to compile and organize information about the many different facets of the impaired driving problem to create a comprehensive picture of the issue and ways it can be addressed.  

This section of the website was designed to pull much of this information together and make it accessible and informative. It contains a wide range of information about impaired driving that is organized according to several different modules including:

  • magnitude and characteristics of the impaired driving problem;
  • understanding the impaired driving system;
  • drinking and its effects; 
  • offender programs and penalties;
  • effective strategies; and,
  • myths and misconceptions about impaired driving.

Each module is structured in a question/answer format so users can easily locate and access the information that they want. The list of questions is located at the beginning of each section. Clicking on a question will take you to the answer. A complete list of references that support the information contained in all of the modules can also be found here. Finally, this section also contains a link to key documents on impaired driving as well as links to other organizations that have relevant materials on this issue.


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