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Newfoundland and Labrador

Alcohol-related crashes


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Drivers in serious injury alcohol-related crashes

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Blood alcohol concentration limits

Highway Traffic Act, R.S.N.L., 1990, c. H-3, s. 60


Criminal BAC limit: 0.08%
Administrative BAC limit: 0.05%
Graduated Licence limit: 0.00%

Provincial administrative licence suspension
1st offence: 1 year (10 years for causing bodily harm) 2nd offence: 3 years (10 years for causing bodily harm) 3rd+ offence:5 years - lifetime (for 4th conviction or causing death)
Remedial program

In Newfoundland, all offenders convicted of impaired driving are required to complete the ‘Think First’ Program offered by Safety Services Newfoundland as a condition of licence reinstatement. Repeat offenders are required to undergo an assessment for alcohol and drug dependency. If this assessment indicates that a problem is present, these offenders will also be required to complete an alcohol and drug rehabilitation program. 

The Think First Program costs $160 and consists of one, four-hour session. The program is educational in focus and consists of five components that examine the following:

  • examination of offender knowledge and beliefs;
  • review of impaired driving laws (Criminal Code, Highway Traffic Act) and conditions for licence reinstatement;
  • discussion of the effects of alcohol on the body and how it impedes driving ability;
  • discussion of ways to avoid becoming impaired and identification of strategies on how to plan ahead; and,
  • closing, identification of resources/where to go for additional assistance, and distribution of certificates.
Repeat offenders must undergo an assessment to determine the extent of their alcohol and drug addiction and may need to complete a drug rehabilitation program to restore their licence. Upon successful completion of the course, a notification will be sent to the Motor Vehicle Registration Division.
Alcohol interlock program
Program authority
Registrar of Motor Vehicles

First and repeat offenders can volunteer for the program after serving the minimum court-ordered prohibition.

Length of participation

1st offence: minimum of 9 months
2nd or subsequent offence: minimum of 30 months

Monitoring agency
Registrar of Motor Vehicles with assistance from the alcohol interlock service provider who provides the needed information for review.
Sanctions for non-compliance
Violations can lead to an extension of program participation or further convictions. Driving a non-interlocked vehicle or tampering can result in fines.

Service NL
P.O. Box 8700
St. John’s, NL A1B 4J6
Email: servicenlinfo@gov.nl.ca
Phone: (709)729-4834

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