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Alcohol-related crashes


2006 - 232
2007 - 232
2008 - 183
2009 - 169
2010 - 181

Drivers in serious injury alcohol-related crashes

2006 - 759
2007 - 763
2008 - 654
2009 - 556
2010 - 477

Legislation Blood alcohol concentration limits

Highway Traffic Act, R.S.O., 1990, c. H-8, s. 48



Criminal BAC limit: 0.08% Administrative BAC limit: 0.05%
GDL and drivers under 21 years old limit: 0.00%

Provincial administrative licence suspension
1st offence: 1 year 2nd offence: 3 years 3rd+ offence: lifetime (reducible if certain conditions are met)
Remedial program

All drivers convicted of a drinking and driving offence in Ontario must complete the remedial measures program prior to reinstatement. The Back on Track (BOT) program is administered by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and costs $578 for the full program. The program consists of three components:

  • Assessment (for those convicted of impaired driving only) – determines the extent of the drinking and driving problem and whether an education or treatment program is most appropriate;
  • Education or treatment program – the driver must successfully complete the appropriate program aimed at preventing drinking and driving. These programs focus on how alcohol affects driving performance, the consequences of impaired driving and ways to avoid drinking and driving; and
  • Follow-up interview – this takes place six months after the completion of the education or treatment program to revisit the skills obtained and goals set.

The education program is eight hours in length and focuses on:

  • the consequences associated with impaired driving (legal and personal);
  • how alcohol and other drugs affect one’s ability to drive;
  • myths, misconceptions, and realities about alcohol, drugs, and impaired driving; and,
  • ways to avoid drinking and driving.

The treatment program is 16 hours long and is for those offenders who have been assessed as having alcohol/drug dependency issues. This program focuses on:

  • the effects of alcohol and other drugs on driving performance;
  • the health and behaviour effects of alcohol intake;
  • understanding the consequences of impaired driving;
  • assessing individual attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours in relation to impaired driving;
  • learning how to plan ways to avoid situations that involve alcohol or other drugs and driving;
  • developing a plan to avoid another impaired driving offence;
  • enhancing coping skills for dealing with anger and stress; and,
  • recognizing the signs of problem drinking and assessing personal drinking levels and impacts on drinking on one’s personal life; and,
  • making a commitment to reduce or end the consumption of alcohol/drugs.
Six months after the completion of the education or treatment program, a follow-up interview takes place to assess success in meeting program goals. The meeting lasts for approximately 30 minutes and during this time, the offender and counsellor will also review strategies for avoiding drinking and driving developed during the program. Once the offender has met all of the program requirements, the Ministry of Transportation will be notified of their completion and the offender will be eligible for licence reinstatement.
Alcohol interlock program
Program authority
Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO)

Mandatory for all offenders convicted of an impaired driving offence or suspended for registering a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.05 to 0.08 three or more times in a five year period. Reduced suspension is available to those convicted of a first time offence under the Criminal Code of Canada who meet certain requirements.

Length of participation

1st offence: 1 year
2nd offence: 3 years
3rd or subsequent offence: lifetime

Monitoring agency
Ontario Ministry of Transportation
Sanctions for non-compliance
Violations can lead to an extension of program participation. Driving a non-interlocked vehicle or tampering with the device can result in fines and vehicle impoundment.

Back on Track
33 Russell Street,
Toronto, ON
Phone: 1-888-814-5831
Email: info@remedial.net

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