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Prince Edward Island

Alcohol-related crashes


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Drivers in serious injury alcohol-related crashes

2006 - 18
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Legislation Blood alcohol concentration limits

Criminal BAC limit: 0.08%
Administrative BAC limit: 0.05%
Graduated Licence limit: 0.00%

Provincial administrative licence suspension
1st offence: 1 year 2nd offence: 3 years 3rd+ offence: 5 years
Remedial program

All offenders convicted of impaired driving in Prince Edward Island are required to complete a Driver Rehabilitation Course (DRC) administered by the Highway Safety Division (HSD) of the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. The course is comprised of a six hour educational program surrounding drinking and driving and the effects of alcohol. Completion of the course is required as a condition of licence reinstatement.

The DRC includes presentations from law enforcement officials, legal practitioners, and addiction counsellors with a focus on drinking and driving as well as drinking habits. Specific topics covered include:

  • the effect of alcohol on the body, BAC, and its impact on one’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle;
  • federal and provincial impaired driving legislation;
  • the consequences and costs associated with impaired driving;
  • strategies/interventions for treating alcohol dependency; and,
  • making lifestyle changes and improving decision-making.
Repeat offenders may also be subject to a Driver Risk Assessment to determine whether or not they should undergo further assessment and possibly treatment.
Alcohol interlock program
Program authority
Prince Edward Island Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal

Mandatory requirement for the reinstatement of a driver’s licence after a drinking and driving conviction.

Length of participation

1st offence: 1 year
2nd offence: 2 years
3rd and subsequent offences:  5 years
*longer participation if the offence committed with a passenger under the age of 16 in the vehicle.

Monitoring agency
Highway Safety Division
Sanctions for non-compliance
Violations can lead to fines, licence revocation, increased demerit points, or removal from the program.

Transportation and Public Works
Highway Safety Division
PO Box 2000
Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8
Tel: (902) 368-5210

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