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Alcohol-related crashes


2006 - 175
2007 - 111
2008 - 130
2009 - 109
2010 - 120

Drivers in serious injury alcohol-related crashes

2006 - 741
2007 - 584
2008 - 508
2009 - 515
2010 - 531

Blood alcohol concentration limits

Highway Safety Code, R.S.Q., c. 24.2, s. 202.1-202.8


Criminal BAC limit: 0.08%
Administrative BAC limit: 0.05%
Learners Licence and Drivers under 21 limit: 0.00%

Provincial administrative licence suspension
1st offence: 1 year (3 years if blood alcohol concentration > 0.16%) 2nd offence: 3-5 years 3rd+ offence: 5 years
Remedial program

All offenders convicted of impaired driving in Quebec are required to undergo an assessment. A more comprehensive assessment must be completed by all repeat offenders (as well as first offenders who have an unfavourable initial assessment) to determine whether or not their alcohol consumption levels are too excessive to safely operate a motor vehicle. Following the assessment, offenders are required to complete an education course as a condition of licence reinstatement.

The driver education program, Alcofrein, is administered by the Societe de l’Assurance Automobile du Quebec (SAAQ). The program aims to raise awareness and prevent future incidences of impaired driving. During the course, the focus is on:

  • the legal, social, and personal consequences of impaired driving;
  • the effects of alcohol consumption on the body; and,
  • dispelling myths and misconceptions about alcohol consumption and impaired driving.
The Alcofrein session lasts for approximately three hours and costs $150. Upon successful completion, the offender will be eligible for full licence reinstatement.
Alcohol interlock program
Program authority
Societe de l’assurance Automobile Quebec (SAAQ)

First offenders can volunteer to participate in the program after serving 3 months of their hard suspension; their participation will become mandatory if the assessment reveals high risk.

Participation is mandatory for repeat offenders following the completion of their hard suspension.
Length of participation

1st offence: dependent on the outcome of summary assessment and Blood Alcohol Concentration at the time of arrest (0-2 years)
2nd offence: 2 years, 3 years, or lifetime use dependent on risk assessment and Blood Alcohol Concentration at the time of arrest.
3rd offence: mandatory for life

Monitoring agency
SAAQ with assistance from the alcohol interlock service provider who provides the needed information for review.
Sanctions for non-compliance
Violations can lead to the removal of the offender from the program and the revocation of their licence.

Societe de l’Assurance Automobile Quebec
P.O. Box 19600, Terminus
333, boulevard Jean-Lesage
Quebec G1K 8J6
Phone: 1-800-361-7620

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