International Inventory of Interlock Programs website re-launch

TIRF is pleased to announce the re-launch of our International Inventory of Interlock Programs. Most jurisdictions in the inventory contain updated information and several new jurisdictions have been added to reflect program changes across Canada, the United States, Australia and Europe. The website has also been upgraded with two new features. Program administrators can now submit their jurisdictions’ program information electronically via the website as well as a jurisdiction’s interlock statute is now listed in its program information. There are also several new updates in the News section.

Visit for more information on the program and to access the inventory.

Dutch Parliament passes Act on alcohol interlock program

The Act on the introduction of an Alcohol Interlock Program for drunk driving offenders in the Netherlands has been passed by the Dutch Parliament. The Act will take effect in 2011. The Dutch government is opening the market to authorized alcohol interlock vendors. Interested vendors can visit for more information.

North Carolina seeks public and industry feedback on proposed alcohol interlock program

The State of North Carolina is opening the market to authorized alcohol interlock vendors. The Division of Motor Vehicles will be seeking comment from the public and industry members. The deadline for comments is October 11th at 8 p.m. Those interested in providing their feedback can visit

New York launches first offender program August 15, 2010  

New York’s first offender program took effect August 15, 2010. For more information on New York's first offender program and Leandra's Law, please visit

Hawaii signs interlock bill

On June 14, 2010, Hawaii signed a new ignition interlock bill. The new law takes effect January 2011 and is the third of three laws to implement the ignition interlock program in the State. The new law includes charges for tampering with an interlock device and refusal to submit to a breath test; clarifications to definitions; specifications to the contents of notifications of revocations of a driver’s license or vehicle registration and forbids issuing an ignition interlock system to drivers who were arrested and did not hold a valid license at the time of their arrest. For the full details, visit

Vermont’s interlock program

Earlier this year, Vermont passed House Bill 363 allowing a court to order a person to install an ignition interlock device in his or her vehicle upon a second or subsequent offense of operating under the influence, or an offense of operating under the influence in which the person’s alcohol concentration was 0.15 or higher.

Vermont was one of three remaining states that didn't have an interlock law. This now leaves South Dakota and Alabama as the only two states left without a program, with Alabama considering two new interlock laws in 2010.

European Commission adopts new target to reduce road deaths by 50% by 2020

The European Union (EU) has set new targets to reduce road deaths by 50% by 2020. According to the EU, in 2009, 35,000 people died in road accidents across the EU, a reduction of 36% from 2001, when the commission first set its target. Accompanying measures to reduce collisions and road deaths include interlocks for professional drivers and recidivists. For more information on the new EU programme, please visit             

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