TIRF releases 10th International Alcohol Interlock Symposium Proceedings; prepares for upcoming 11th Symposium

TIRF is pleased to release the proceedings of the 10th International Alcohol Interlock Symposium entitled, Alcohol Interlocks: Taking Research to Practice. The 10th International Alcohol Interlock Symposium was held in Melbourne, Australia in October 2009. This event attracted more than 85 attendees from 15 countries. This is the first time the Symposium was hosted in Australia, reflecting the progress that Australia has made in recent years in terms of new programs and the expansion of existing programs.  

The proceedings from the 10th Symposium contain highlights of discussion centered on bringing together the many components that are essential to program implementation. It summarizes solutions to overcome implementation challenges, strategies to incorporate treatment to support offenders with substance abuse issues and augment program effectiveness in the long-term, and the importance of building cooperative partnerships across agencies and jurisdictions.  

Sponsors of the conference included Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp., Smart Start Inc., Dräger Safety Diagnostics, and Lifesafer Interlock.  

Harmonizing Policies & Practices in 2010!  

In 2010, the 11th Annual International Alcohol Interlock Symposium will focus on harmonizing policies and practices across jurisdictions and across disciplines. It will compare similarities and differences that exist, and explore opportunities for harmonization to streamline program delivery. It will also examine the implementation of first offender programs and develop benchmarks of progress. Speakers from many countries will share their expertise and knowledge of program development and program features to promote a comprehensive approach to the delivery of interlocks. Information about the event is available at  

Join us in Montebello, Canada to learn more about this rapidly advancing technology and develop a network that will be a valuable source of knowledge in this area. Click here to download the report.
Click here for more information on the 10th International Alcohol Interlock Symposium

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