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TORONTO, Dec. 27 /CNW/ - Over the holiday week, visitors to the Canada Science and Technology Museum will have a chance to meet staff and volunteers from OSAID and arrive alive DRIVE SOBER at a joint "iDRIVE: Road Stories" display. Young drivers and future drivers can test their knowledge around texting and driving and aggressive driving. Interactive presentations will be made twice daily from December 27th to December 30th inclusive.

The event is a great way to start off Canada's First National Year of Road Safety being hosted in 2011 (google "national year of road safety" for more information) and complements the Leave the Phone Alone messaging.  

Ontario drivers aged 16-24 are four times more likely to be in a fatal crash while speeding and three times more likely to be in a fatal collision while drinking and driving. Traffic Injury Research Foundation identified teenagers as being at a high level of risk on our roads with 40% of all teenage fatalities resulting from road crashes. iDRIVE: ROAD STORIES features latest information about new measures (provincial and federal) to address these issues.

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